Who Wins the Android Vs Apple iOS Battle in 2020?

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This article covers the complete comparison of Android Vs Apple iOS Battle in 2020. Which one of the two is better in 2020? That is a question many will ask themselves during the next five years. That is when Android and iPhone are slated to hit the market at about the same beat and likely have the same impact.

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Is it more likely that both of these new mobile operating systems will succeed, or will one or the other get first crack at the billions of new mobile phone buyers this year? Or, is there some other better operating system on the horizon that might have more promise, and be a more interesting future?

Who Wins the Android Vs Apple iOS Battle in 2020

Who Wins the Android Vs Apple iOS Battle in 2020?

One thing that seems to be for sure, Java, and Java ecosystem, is going to stay on top, regardless of the future success of iOS or Android. I know a lot of folks, that believe that Java is the future, and the future holds big things for Java-based technologies. But are you willing to accept the fact that Java is also more vulnerable to attack? Or are you willing to wait and see?

So, if you’re holding your breath for some good news, let me tell you there is some good news in the news. I was wondering how come, Apple keeps adding more features to the iPhone without adding another app? That is my only question, and I think it’s a fair question, as it seems almost every feature that Apple adds, is met with customer anger.

Apple has never had a real Appstore, and they have never managed to keep that huge portion of the market for themselves. So, for the last couple of years, they’ve been looking to mobile platforms such as Android and iOS to fill that gap, and now, with Android and iOS being so competitive, you can expect Apple to also get serious about developing and bringing their apps to the Android and iOS platforms.

My expectation is that iPhone, and especially the iPhone OS, will be the default platform for apps when the Appstore goes live, and as they say, Apple wins in the long run. In reality, I’m just afraid that they may not have time to go in and do the best job of building the app market or having the distribution network they need to support mobile apps on iPhones and iPads.

So, that leaves Android and the Android app market, and they seem like the real battleground, and both OS’s will continue to develop rapidly. Which one will win?

Well, it’s still early in the game, but Android is clearly the more powerful platform, and that means it will be easier for developers to create apps for it, even in 2020. So, for the first time, it seems like Android will easily gain dominance over iOS, and this could lead to a dramatic change in the mobile industry in the coming years.

Will it be Google Android vs Apple iOS? Or will there be another winner?

Are there more apps to come, for Android and iOS? We’ll have to wait and see.

Let’s hope we have an exciting ride, in the next five years, as the two new mobile operating systems battle it out, and the market will determine which system will win. I’m already excited for 2020.

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