Apple fans hoping for an affordable iPhone SE refresh in 2024 might be disappointed. Reports out of Korea suggest Apple will skip a release this year and instead launch the next-generation iPhone SE in 2025. However, this delay comes with a silver lining — the new SE could feature a significant upgrade to an OLED display.

iPhone SE 4 (2025) Rumored

Borrowing from the Past

This upcoming iPhone SE is expected to use the same type of OLED panel found in the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series. This move marks a major shift from the LCD screens traditionally used in SE models. The result would be a brighter, more vibrant visual experience on the budget-friendly iPhone.

The Battle for Apple’s Business

Currently, Samsung, BOE, and Tianma are all vying to secure Apple’s contract to supply these OLED panels. Samsung could have the edge since they were already manufacturing displays for the iPhone 14. Apple’s focus on cost control within the SE-line will mean an intense focus on the price point for these panels.

What This Means for Consumers

A delayed release might not be what some customers wanted, but the prospect of a much-improved display tech makes the wait more alluring. Those looking for a cheaper entry point into the Apple ecosystem with the latest screen technology may find the 2025 iPhone SE an enticing option.

Potential Downside

There’s always a concern with Apple that saving money in one area (e.g., using older display tech) means a price bump somewhere else. Whether the SE remains aggressively priced in 2025 remains to be seen.

Stay Tuned

While waiting, tech enthusiasts will undoubtedly get further speculation on other upgrades or changes coming to this future iPhone SE model. Be sure to keep an eye out for more leaks and concrete information from Apple as the potential 2025 launch window approaches.


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